Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shopping with Pris [9 Janary 2010]

Went to Borders as I have been waiting for the huge discount that Borders always gave during Jan!

Didn't intend to shop much beside buying the books that I have always wanted to buy from Borders....but while I was waiting for Pris...I went to the Zara @ Somerset's what I bought!

Skirt @ $49.90, original price $75 (ex! but makes my hip look smaller! so die die must buy!)

Top @ $29.90, original price $39.90

after that finally headed to borders.....sadly i can't find the books "Thank You for Memories" and "This Charming Man". Been wanting to buy these 2 books for some time but they are always out of stock when it comes to the sales period...

Bought these 5 books!

Pris was craving for some cheesecake so we went to TCC to chill out and I had my favorite Strawberry Yogurt Roll.

while waiting for our food.....

haha! our borders receipt so long!

and here's our food!

after our chill out, we went to Mango....and I bought something AGAIN!

Mango Dress @ $39! (Cheap!)

and then we walked and shopped somemore and....I bought some accessories...

actually wanted to buy 1 of the hearts hairband for Megan....but I realised that it looks cute on me too! so I ended up buying 1 for myself too. haha!

wanted to buy dunkin donuts to eat but they closed le T.T
nvm! i shall go batam to buy J.Co Donuts!

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