Friday, September 4, 2009

Dinner with Darling [28th August 2009]

Met up with darling after so long!
had dinner with her at NYNY @ City Link

lots of things to catch up!
finally saw her engagement ring! very nice!
paranoid darling is so worried that she might scratch or smashed (o.O) her diamonds!
i reassured her again and again that diamond is the hardest element and will not be smashed -.-"

her big day is on 10th July 2010!!!
Calendar marked!!
funny darling asked me "so how do u wan to contribute for my wedding?"
lol!! i told her just tell me wad help she need and i'll give her all! (except money =X)

anyway already offered to accompany her to her gown fittings since im not working and got all the time to go with her.

more things to do when the date is nearer!


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