Monday, August 24, 2009

The supposedly MJ & KTV session..... [22nd August 2009]

I was supposed to be playing mahjong at 3p.m...dinner at 7p.m....ktv at 8p.m....


Eileen woke up late.....
YL had a hangover.....
JK & me nuahing at home waiting for them.....

Ended up we met at 4.30p.m at Yew Tee MRT station....
YL was feeling miserable and hence took a cab to my house first. While waiting at the void deck for us, she CMI and called us to tell us she going to take cab home liao. (Luckily she lives in cck fare not so ex)

So end up left 3 of to play mj? we decided to go ktv first instead but we dunno where to go and what price is it on sat evening. (ok, all of us r lazy bums and dun wan to go too far so wanna stick ard cck - woodlands area)

Walked around Yew Tee Point for a while and found a new pet shop! They sell rabbits!!!! So cute! Check out the pics.

JK says this rabbit looks like a decoration statue cause the rabbit really never move at all while we were there!

Dwarfs Rabbits! Look at their short ears! They cost over $200 each!

This rabbit is called Lionhead but don't really look like lion leh....This one cost $350!

I never knew rabbits are so expensive.....

After walking around aimlessly, we decided to head off to my house first and slowly discuss what to do.

In the end....we ended up playing Wii at my house!

Me and E playing Mario & Sonic @ the Olympic Game together and while we are struggling, JK was beside us cheering us or suaning us. LOL.

The most funny part of the Wii session was when we are playing the Archery game, after my turn end, E tried to aim her Wii remote but the screen keep prompting us to "Please Aim your Wii Remote at the Screen" The 2 of us shake the remote here and there but the message is still there. We were thinking that her Wii remote sot liao when suddenly I moved my remote and the message is gone.


All along we are aiming the wrong remote at the screen. hahahahaha

After the tiring Wii session, JK is feeling hungry le so we settled for dinner @ Xin Wang @ Yew Tee Point.

Nice food and drinks. 3 of us shared the Mango Snow Ice! Yum Yum!

When we were seated, suddenly JK started acting very serious and cool. E and me were wondering why den he typed on his hp and show us this message "My student is sitting beside us"

Hahahaha no wonder he suddenly turned serious and no jokes. Lecturer (although is PT de...) must maintain image in front of student. E and I keep joking saying that today we can suan him as much as possible and he won't suan us back cause he can't! hehe

It's great to chat with friends that u haven't met for a long time.
Nice JK offered his support to my blogshop saying that he can help me take pic for my blogshop if I need his help. (HE IS A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER!!! GOT HIS OWN COMPANY DE!!!)

Super happy!
Hurray to friendship of 17 years and counting!

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