Monday, July 6, 2009

Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen [4th July 2009]

Caught this movie with my singtel peeps at Vivocity GOLD CLASS!!!!!

The seat is damn comfy!!!! First time I'm watching a movie outside and in a LYING DOWN position!!!

love is so funny....telling me that the chair is transformer also coz can sit and can lie down just with a button -.-"

BLANKET was provided too!!

We were so comfy there till we felt like falling asleep....luckily the movie is interesting enough to keep us awake. haha....

So much about the cinema...time to talk about the movie!

Overall the movie is nice but I still prefer Transformer 1. This sequel seems to be a bit draggy at the back.

Bumblebee is still as cute as ever! I love the scene where he cries and where he keep playing those "cheating songs". hahaha.....

An enjoyable day with them!~

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