Monday, July 20, 2009

Stress-free and Happiness

Yes...I'm happier and less stressful nowadays.
I have found back my life!

Making the decision and choice to leave that place is definitely one of my wisest decision. Why waste time on people who aren't appreciative of you and doesn't understand you? Why waste time on people who gets jealous easily and backstab you?

Those people aren't worth my time. They think I mind it a lot if they flame me or throw bad remarks at me. But I seriously doesn't care anymore because words from strangers and passerbys won't hurt me at all. =)

Another wise choice is to quit my current job. No one can threaten me or bully me or take advantage of me thinking that I am a scary cat who doesn't know how to voice out anymore. I'm free to go and nothing is stopping me.

Good things are ahead of me. Stay happy and looking forward to more happiness and luck!

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