Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Interview....

Went for my first interview since I tendered...
(Oh yah! I haven't wrote in my blog that I have officially tendered! I'm freed!)

This time...it's not a big or well known company. It's just a small MNC in singapore and is expanding their business.

Applied for their senior role and was glad to hear that this role is a newly created role due to their expanding business and they are currently understaffed.

I had a shock of my life when my interviewer passed me her namecard. My first impression of her is that she is either the Manager or the HR personnel...however....she is.....the CFO.

On a personal note, she is very friendly and is willing to share with me a lot of info about this newly created role and their business development plans for the future. Actually I find that she said too much P&C info to me....should I be glad that she shared this info with me because she find me suitable??? She also told me that she isn't afraid to allow me to move up the career ladder in the company so long as I can perform well and prove to her of my capability. and there are opportunities for travelling to their HQ and overseas subsidiaries......

Anyway she told me this is only the first round of interview. If I'm shortlisted, I will have to go through another round of interview with the senior management of the company.

Although small, but I see potential in this company as their current portfolio of clients already made me WOW.
Furthermore...the area that they are going to venture in is one of my interest area.....FUNDS MANAGEMENT.

I quite like this role and the job scope....hopefully got good news for 2nd interview soon.

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