Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Penniless Day....

Met up with Hui for our R&R session today!
we managed to rest and relax but not rest and read! LOL

Went to the new shopping Centre Illuma opposite Bugis Junction. Nothing much to shop there. Mostly food and more food!

Was running late so took a cab down to meet hui....however....upon arriving in Bugis....I realised that......I FORGOT TO BRING MY WALLET! NO CASH! NO ATM CARD! NO CREDIT CARD!

End up got to call hui to come help me pay for my taxi fare...

Although I'm penniless for the day...luckily i have a readily available walking ATM!
Here's my walking ATM! LOL!

We went to this place call the Empire State which looks like New York New York!

Hui's squid ink pasta

My Chicken Chop

After that we walked around the place but there wasn't much to shop and buy there.

Settled down in Cheeky Chocolate for some desserts....
The things we shared...

Chocolate Crepe with Chocolate Ice Cream

Caramel Banana with Waffles and Vanilla Ice Cream

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