Tuesday, June 2, 2009


this time is really 看开了

like wad jaja say, ppl who cares about you will care about you. ppl who doesn't care abt you won't care abt you at all.

after so many events recently, the thing that i have learned out of all these is to 看开 over those friendship which are superficial.

ppl might think that I dunno a lot of things. but i do know and i can read behind those words and alphabets. i dun care wad ppl think of me becoz if u r having such thoughts abt me and feeling me as a dispensable friend, i dun think u r a friend worthy enough to be kept.

when a person is feeling down, we dun need a philosopher trying to tell us about the morale of human being. dun keep thinking that u r someone great and mighty. not everyone wans to hear ur philosophy. keep them for those who are really interested. referring to u as a philosopher is way too nice. to be it more blantly, u r just trying to throw your 大男人主义 pattern.

criticising another person's action but ended up doing the same thing doesn't speak too nicely about urself. others might not know who u r talking abt but i knew it very well. why dun u tell them the whole story abt all ur philosphy and let them judge whether u r right or wrong?

i'm taking things lightly now. i talk to ppl whom i love talking to and i go out with ppl whom i enjoyed going out with. i dun need ppl to judge my life nor order me around. those who tries to control me are out of my life now. if u realised that i have not been contacting u or talking to u, u know u r one of them. congratulations. =)

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