Thursday, May 14, 2009

Timetable I keep writing....cause too free in office? no. cause no boss in office? yes!
anyway dunno why today i keep having thoughts coming into my mind so I must blog and write down before I forget when I reach home!

MySpace Countdowns

Time is running out....
better get my timetable right since my boss dun allow me to take leave at all to study for my papers...

1. Cut down online time
2. Study at least 1 hour every night on weekdays
3. To complete studies for both papers by 31st May
4. Reserve 6th and 7th May for revision of both papers.

Let's see....weekdays studying period shall start next week when I'm not so stress...
16/5 - no outing. to study at home.
17/5 - mj & ktv with my fav peeps
23/5 - no outing. to study at home.
24/5 - no outing. to study at home.
30/5 - no outing. to study at home.
31/5 - ht bday for a few hrs after that study at home.

okay shall stick to this and adjust accordingly at later stage...

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