Sunday, May 31, 2009

My peaceful Saturday....

Dim Sum @ Zhou's Kitchen
went for dim sum at zhou's kitchen @ novena square 2 with mummy & sis...
the dim sum is good but i felt that the spread is not enough...
was so damn full that it lasted me for lunch + dinner.

discovered a secret while i was there....but since it's a secret i can't say it here right? lol

Shopping in Town
went to wisma to get sis's lappy repaired first...but her poor lappy got to stay in the "hospital" for at least a week. den i suddenly discovered some faint green patches on my LV bag! panicky me quickly went to LV boutique to get the bag inspected. the person say got to send it back to France for checking but most probably is the outer coating has already worn off. hope the bag will be restored back to it's beautiful state soon!

went to coach to see if there is anything i can grab from the sales but didn't see anything on sale that's catchy. instead i saw this beautiful hobo bag! can be sling across the body or on the shoulder. seems to be a good substitute for my LV bloomsbury at half the price! Furthermore, I can use my $100 taka voucher there! But i can't decide on the colour so I shall go back another day to grab this beautiful bag.

Movie - Terminator Salvation

i'm not really a fan of the terminator series and to be frank i haven't watched any of the 3 prequel to this movie! but since i was free so i met up with ki to go catch this movie. he was trying his best to explain to me what happened in the first 3 movie that leads to this 4th movie.

ki: movie 1 that guy not born yet, movie 2 he is still a kid and movie 3 he grown up le
me: so this movie he is old le?
ki: no lah!

okay....i'm a noob in this movie...but nevetherless i enjoyed the movie. actions from the moment the movie started all the way to the end. every second is packed with actions and suspense.

and i took MRT home instead of cab even though it was 11p.m+! yeah....i say i wan take cab home coz very late...den ki was saying dun waste money still got train....den walk walk walk end up reach mrt station den took train home. yeah....the credit goes to him for helping me save cab fare. -.-"

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