Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Love.....

Suddenly remembered that I must dedicate 1 post to my love also~

My love....thanks for cheering me up and being there for me when I was extremely down yesterday....You know I love to sing and immediately offered to accompany me to KTV this coming weekend....(abandoning ur fisherman =x)

At first you said you think the movie Angels & Demons is boring and u might fell asleep in the cinema....this morning you emailed me asking me if I watched it already....Do you want to watch with me??? Let's go dating okay? hehe....

Maybe just like what you told me before....dunno why u always so gum with fierce that's why u are gum with me....haha....

So long no see you le....we must go on a date soon okay? I still haven't pass you the chocolate lovers book!

love you~

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