Sunday, April 26, 2009


sometimes i really dun understand what some ppl think...

my tolerance has reached its break limit
i can't no longer tolerate it anymore

this is it

today's incident is the last straw for me.
i cannot tolerate such behavior anymore.
there's no reasoning behind your actions.

in a relationship, u have to give and take. u can't expect someone to keep giving and u keep taking others for granted.

what hui said the other day was right...sooner or later i will blow up at you. and she was right. hui understands me that's why she can see it coming...

but you DON'T

because you don't understand me at all.

every conversation is about u and him and the rest of the fishermen

have you ever been concern when i was sick?
have you been concern or even care that i was running a 38.3 fever?
when everyone was asking me whether i'm okay or not and asking me to go and rest...u were busy whining about u and him again.
even when i'm feeling sick and needed the rest, i still have to keep myself up to hear you out and comfort u.
don't say i didn't tell u that i'm sick because i repeated myself thrice and apparently either u didn't bother reading my msgs or u couldn't be bother that i am sick.
my msn status was clearly stated that im running a fever.
however....there was not a single msg from u asking abt my fever or swollen feet

stop and think about others sometimes.
stop being so self-centered at times

u can be a better friend if u try to look around at your friends and listen to them and not just expect them to listen to you.

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