Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shallow Guys

Once again....the male population of the world had convinced me that they are really very shallow people that exist.

1 month+ ago, I had 2 guy friends who told me that they had been dumped by their gf. I receive both news on the same week. Both of them had sound very depress and claiming that they love their gf so much and that they won't be able to get over it for years and forever.

1 week ago, both of them are still depress and telling them that they will never get up from the bottom of the pit of the fallen relationship.

However, just 2 days ago, these 2 same guy friends told me on the same day that they had new love interest already and is actively chasing their new interest.

Sometimes it really makes me wonder how can they be so down and even wanting to die a week ago and suddenly found new interest and get back onto the top of the pit immediately. Are they too shallow or am I just too conservative in my thinking??

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