Wednesday, June 11, 2008

long updates....

very long never update blog le.....
so what happened recently???

Firstly, exam is over!!!
That's good news but I think I'm failing it for sure.

Next.....I have started taking collagen!
Yes! I'm in need of collagen! All thanks to Jen & B's sister for bringing back cheap collagen from Japan for me!

Next....I have started saving up using the traditional method! That is....Piggy Bank! Yeah~ I got a panda piggy bank for my coins!

Vain me also started using a new shampoo. It's call CliniCare by Pantene & Wella which is only available in Japan & Taiwan. It is recommended by Big S on the Taiwan beauty show. After reading up the reviews on the forum, many people have tried and proven that the result is really good. So all thanks to WZ & Jen for bringing it back from Japan for me! My 3rd bottle will be coming back in July when darling's bf come back from Japan. Hee...

It's been a long time since I get back to my earring making hobby. Saw some beautiful pink beads so end up I bought it and did a new pair of earring for myself! Got an extra pair for Hui too!

Mama bought a new type of Ribena for me the other day. My energy drink during my exam period!

I'm finally starting my golf lesson!!! Yes it's starting on 22nd June 2008. The best thing is, it's only a 10minutes bus journey from my house! All thanks to CS for finding such a good deal!

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