Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Job Hop.....Again?!?!?!?

well...not so soon...but maybe in another 4 months time?
currently got an offer which is not bad....but can't say too much about it because everything about this job is P&C....

but i will say that the overall salary package is very attractive...considering the pay jump is almost 40%?? time wise will definitely be more tight and won't be as free as now given the condition that i must meet clients....

good point is...people is willing to wait for me till aug...becoz i say i wan to get my bonus and allowance for my current job first as i dun wan to forfeit it.

another thing is...my current isn't all that bad....boss is okay...and good to me....colleagues wise...sometimes good sometimes bad....depending on my mood...(ok...maybe it's me...)
however...the exposure and learning here is definitely not as good as wad i will be getting if i hop to the new job...current job makes me feel like a retiring old woman.....(maybe that's why I have become so vain recently....thinking that I am getting old...)

another plus point for new job is...i need to meet client and hence image and grooming is important...so maybe i will be more motivated and determined to slim down...and my dieting plan will go more smoothly! (yes...i'm already on a dieting plan recently and has lost 3kg in a month already...)

however new job will means that i can get to meet and lunch with my old lunch kakis more often and meet them everyday....not a complete new place and boss for me but just new job scope....so it doesn't seems that bad also right?

career advancement is another issue....not sure of what i will gain in this new job scope...but if i stay on in that job...the progression is stable and so called "guaranteed"

many things to consider so must think properly and also discuss more with the person who offered me the new job and also see how my current job goes for the next few months....already reflected to my boss that i m too free and learning nothing in office now...so if she can add on things to my job and let me have more exposure...maybe staying here isn't a bad choice...

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