Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Birthday + Father's Day Present

This is the pen that I got for my father....actually....he got it for himself and say that he had billed it to me....*sweat*

well i had said that i will get him a mont blanc pen this year for this birthday present so he had been very excited about it...but FYI father's day is in june...and his birthday is in oct...*sweat more*

but oh well...he like it can le LV bag still cost more than this pen...haha...

Montblanc 100 Years Historical Anniversary Edition Ballpoint Pen
- Anniversary Edition-Reference to a historical Montblanc fountain Pen design
- Designed by historical fountain pen shape
- Historical Montblanc mountain engraving on the cap
- This pen is going to be a rare commodity
- Black precious resin with gold fittings
- Extemely popular with the most demand. This pen is the most waited for pen of this year
- Ballpoint Pen with twist mechanism
- Takes Montblanc ballpoint refill only

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