Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Movies!!! Lots of them!!

8th March 2008 Caught this movie with Hui. This movie talks about the 23 days after L wrote his name in the deathnote. Actually, the movie is very different from the manga. For people who didn't read the manga, L actually died before Kira did. And Kira is being caught not by L but by L's succeedor (who is a kid...supposedly that maths genius in this movie). So I'm quite surprised when this movie comes out. Overall it's a nice movie and it's quite funny to see the look on L's face when the kids touches him. haha.
And this is a pic of L when he is not in his L make up. haha...looks more handsome when he is L right haha?

9th March 2008
Went to bunk with foggy, wt & celes. Spend a long 3 hours at bunk and really had fun. After that went to catch the movie Meet the Spartan. Honestly speaking...it's a waste of money on this show...The show is only about an hour and 5mins? and the plot of the show is really rubbish and I felt that the show is just out to criticise the Americans.

14th March 2008 Caught this movie with Ruby. Nice movies which touches my heart. It's a very typical romance settings but the twist is...it's partially true and partially fiction. This movie is derived from a popular mobile novel story in Japan which is said to moved a million readers to tears. The novel is written by the girl Mika who wrote her own love story with the guy. However as the story gets more popular online, she starts to take in ideas and contribution from readers to develop the story further. The movie is also slightly different from the original novel too. I had read chapter one of this novel from the original japan website so I noticed the difference in the plot at the beginning. Not often that I cry in cinema but I did drop some tears during the movie especially when the guy died.

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