Monday, March 31, 2008

Accurate Horoscope

Yesterday : The power issues in a relationship are starting to get to you. It looks like maybe you could use a break from one of the partnerships you're trying so hard to keep in balance. The other person is just not willing to work with you on this thing, and they lack a deep understanding of what you really need -- despite the fact that you have tried to tell them about it time and time again. It's not the end of things, but it is a sign that you both need your space for a while.

Yes....they don't understand me...that's why i ran away...

Today : Someone close to you is starting to get really irritating and there's not much you can do about it just yet. You need to make sure that you're not giving them more ammo with your reaction! Don't bother trying to explain anything -- sometimes it's pointless to try to make someone understand why you like what you like. It's a personal thing, and they'll just have to respect that.

True also...

Weekly: Digging in your heels and refusing to consider anyone else's point of view is a great idea as the week gets going. Just kidding: April Fools'! One of your ongoing challenges is to fight inflexibility and figure out others' perspectives. Do it now, and you're golden. Starting sometime Wednesday and lasting through sometime Friday, this kind of give-and-take comes much more naturally -- and can actually be a lot of fun. Engage the old sense of humor at work and at play for added good times. Then, on Friday night and over the weekend, talk it over (maybe with more than one person) before deciding.

This horoscope page is so accurate...I'm going to bookmark it.

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