Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Yes. I am no longer unemployed!!! haha....okay lah...good thing to announce after such a long absence from my blog. good good....hee...

went interview yesterday and today they come back to me le...actually i a bit not confident on this job coz when they ask me questions, i think got 1 qn i didn't do well coz i misunderstood their meaning. but they still get back to me so i'm happy lah...haha....

the other day went for that wine company interview, waste me so much time and cab fare and they make me wait so long and yet nv employ me make me a bit sad. but i guess that job is not meant for me and personally i'm not really very very interested in it

i think given a choice i would choose the singtel job over the wine company job. hee....

okay...just wanted to scream somewhere of this good news after the msn and sms that has went out since i received the phone call this morning haha

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  1. yo yo! can see u in office liao! hahahaha. happy for u!