Monday, July 23, 2007

To my darling~

to my dear darling~

don't be sad and lonely ok? still got me here~ you are leaving that place for good and never will need to see that stupid guy's face ever again.

you are the first person ever who gave me flower for my birthday in 25 years of my life and always hear me nag and complain and still supportive of me. though recently your life has not been smooth and this is really not a good year for you with so many things happening around you but you know i'm always here for u! my hotline is 24 hours open to you no matter when you need to talk to or to cry to. i believe your bf will also understand de! so dun give up hope so soon!

don't worry about thursday, everything will be alright! must believe in me hor~

you supported me and cheer for me silently when i go for my interview and i really very touched by what you say to me. i will think about you and cheer for you when you go for yours too! let's support each other and soon we will get to see each other everyday again!

let's look forward to that day soon!

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