Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Feeling Lost.....

I'm feeling lost.....no longer know where I belong....

just suddenly realised that in 3 years time, I have discovered 2 friends who are acting close to me all the while yet talking bad things about me behind my back....and they are always being discovered by saying the wrong stuffs to me.

Case 1
Friend A going overseas with me. Discussing on where to go. After discussion suddenly receive an sms from her. "My friend so mafan....I wan go sight seeing and she don't want to go only want to go shopping. So regret wanting to go with her." Much more stuffs said but it's quite a few yrs back and I don't remember everything.
For information, we are going HK. What's there to sightsee in HK? During our discussion, I promised her we will go to the peak and some places that she choose but I don't want to go to Ocean Park because it's expensive and not worth it. Everyone commented that there's nothing to see in there and it's a waste of money.
Furthermore, the trip wasn't planned for her. I planned the trip with another friend because we wanna go to the summer sales there and she wants to tag along saying she want to go also and I have told her that my motive is the HK summer sales. She knew everything beforehand but in the end, she turn back to bite me saying that I cheated her into going.

Case 2
The most recent case about that china woman (bitch). She actually chatting with me on msn while chatting with others. Accidentally, she posted her msg on my msn which is meant for someone else. Rude comments and remarks about me and laughing at what I'm saying to her with another friend.
And when she realised that she posted wrongly, she doesn't feel bad and she feels that she did nothing wrong at all.

A friend told me that I should just be myself and ignore these people. But all along, I'm just being myself.

I'm like this at home and I'm like this out of home. I don't put up a false front in front of my friends making them believe that I am a person which I am not. However, it seems to me that apparantly people prefer to have friends with a false front. They like friend who compliment them and say nice things about them and pamper them with nice words.

In this realistic world, frank people die and fake people survive....

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