Tuesday, July 3, 2007


damn dulan now....

told a friend that i have intention to go back pwc on friday and from friday to today (total 5 days!!) she never say anything good....all she say is...

1. aiya you go back because you hear people get good pay only ma...not like you want to (Please....who don't work for the sake of money)
2. aiya you won't work well there one lah...sure very fast quit de (you think you work very long? she only work there 9 months lor and she run...and she is now jobless living off her parents money and thinking she is perfectly alright to lead this kind of life)
3. aiya you go back later people don't like you leh (she think everyone like her a lot meh?)
4. pwc still want to take you meh? (at least more than they want you)

For information...she is damn attitude....she thinks she is pretty (which she is not really pretty)....she think she is clever (she flunk 3 acca papers in 1 exam when she boast to everyone she definitely will pass before the result is out)....she thinks that with her 9mths tax experience and 2 yrs accounting experience, she can sit at home and complete her acca and get a job that pays her 3k after she finish her acca. I think she must be dreaming....

and the worst is...she always say i am fat! so what if i'm fat! you must keep saying people meh? you slimmer than can keep say people meh! at least i got bigger breast than you! you need a maximiser push up but i don't!

Everytime i do something, she must definitely curse me and pour cold water on me before i start doing anything. really wonder how i can stand having such a friend. maybe it's time i stop communicating with such a friend. coz she's not really a friend if she only knows how to curse and take advantage of me but not words of encouragement or comfort when i need it.

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