Monday, July 23, 2007

A change for the better....

Good news!

yes my dear are going to say finally i'm posting something happy for you to read...haha...

after my first round of interview, dbs finally call me up for my 2nd interview! actually not a very long wait lah...but to someone who is jobless and moneyless it seems like a long wait.

my first interview was on thursdays 19th July and today 23rd July they called me and told me to go back for my second interview with the heads.

I'm actually quite excited as I have applied for this role for other banks and companies but none of them call me up T_T

just when I'm about to give up hope...I saw this post for DBS and decided to just apply it since no harm trying...and who knows they call me up the next day! the time line looks like this:

tues (17/07/07) : apply for job
wed (18/07/07) : receive call for 1st interview
thur (19/07/07) : went for 1st interview
fri (20/07/07) : no call from dbs...20% sad
sat - sun (21-22/07/07) : non working days for bank
mon (23/07/07) : receive call for 2nd interview looks like very long but actually not very long considering sat n sun are weekends.

so the excited me decided not to go to work tomorrow so that I can dress nicely for interview with the heads to leave a good impression.

i wonder if my mum's words about me slimming down has effect on the interview or not.....haha...

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