Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A funny mother....

have your mother ever support you to go on diet?
have your mother ever reduce the amount of food she cook to force u to go on diet?
have your mother ever say you are fat?
have your mother every buy you slimming pills for you to slim down? mother did all of the above...*faints*

well...i told her that i got an interview coming up and she actually says that I AM FAT and people later see me so fat don't wan employ me...*faint again*

So after she thought through for sometime, she told me that I must go on diet and that she has slimming pill which is said to be very effective and you can see results in a week. So last night, she gave me 7 tablets and tell me to take 1 tablet every morning without fail for a week so that I will look nice....

so now i'm on her slimming diet...let's see what happens next wedneseday (27/6/07) haha

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