Sunday, May 13, 2007


meet up with Hui for a R&R session today. actually we intended to have our R&R session at vivo but as borders is having a 35% sales, we decided to hit the store first.

after about an hour or so in borders, i got 7 books in total at a very cheap deal!

And also another book call Further Under the Duvet. The other 2 books are The Princess Diaries for my sis.

In total, I paid $56 for the 7 books! that comes up to about only $8 per book! very good deal. In fact, the price of the 7 books should be $66 but the 2 cashiers who are serving me are so blur and keep computing the wrong price in the end they confirmed a price which is much lower than wad i calculated myself. So being annoyed with them i just paid them the lower price and left the store happily even after receiving a bad service from them.

After that we went to Ding Tai Fung for our lunch. Had xiao long bao + egg fried rice with prawns + suan la tang + yam xiao long bao. Nice nice~ happy to have the yam xiao long bao. I missed it so much! The bill comes up to about $17 per person which I find quite ok...since we had rice..soup..dessert.

Finally we settled down at the Royal Copahegen @ Takahimaya for our R&R session. A very nice place with nice coffee and atmosphere. We shared a Cranberry Almond Cake and I have my coffee while she has her Earl Grey Tea. The Cake isn't as good as we expected so I guess I will try another one next time. Pictures of the cakes and our tea and coffee will be up after she send them to me. haha....

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