Sunday, April 1, 2007

Police Please!

last weekend while i was sitting at home enjoying my DVD suddenly there was a loud ramming of engines downstairs and it went on and on that I can't even hear my DVD when i on the stereo. so angrily i poke my head out to see what happen downstairs and to my horror the group of bike racer is here again!!! they always like to gather here as i think one of them stays here. so i bear with it for a while but they kept ramming the bike and talking and screaming downstairs.

so finally i pick up the phone and called my neighbourhood police post and lodge a complain on them. while waiting for the police, i took out my camera and take 2 shots. 1 with their bike and the other with them gathering.

finally after the police came, they stop ramming their bike and their volume went down and i get peace

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  1. wah, your place got bikers one? goodness.......