Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back to EPLC - 16 March 2007

was too sleepy on this day and i decided to take a half day leave to rest.

so after i applied for my leave, i went to meet up with CS for lunch @ Raffles Place. He was asking me what do I want to have for lunch since it's been a long time I had my lunch there. So I was telling him either curry chicken mee or prawn noodle. in the end the prawn noodle we met there for lunch and after that proceed to our usual Mr Teh Tarik place for kopi. On our way there, we saw Desmond back from sajc times. I was so shocked but HAPPY to see him! he still look sooooo handsome after so many years~~~ hahaha....reminds me of those days in sajc when I had a crush on him and always keep a lookout for him. a very lucky day for me~ too bad he don't recognise me le...only recognise CS T_T

so after our kopi session I went back to eplc to collect my ang bao from Ceciline...and I actually stayed there from 2p.m - 5p.m hahaha...surprisingly, kat also came back to eplc too and in the end ah lai & jimmy took 30mins time off and the 4 of us went off to have our kopi session. it's been such a long time since the 4 of us sit down together to have a meal and also to chat.

Went to the renovated mei xin coffee shop. and guess what I have for dinner there??? Curry Chicken Mee!!!! haha....both my craving fulfilled in a day~ den ah lai was eating her dim sum and den the idea of a gathering for our old eplc gang for a dim sum session came up and there we go planning again~

really a very very happy day for me as I have been deprived of talking in the new office since i don't have much common topic with the people there except my manager....

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