Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Xmas 2006

Finally I have settled down to sort through my xmas 2006 presents.....so here's a glimpse of what i have~
My present for myself~ A monkey cushion & a piggy pouch!

Butterfly earring from Leng Zig, my dearest supervisor. And I love these earrings!
Piggy handphone strap from Ms Lai
Earring from Ceciline
Piggy Pouch from Katrina
Doggie from Jian Ling
Rose earring from my manager
Earring from Alan. Heard that it's handmade by his gf's sis.
Jewellery box from Anne, my supervisor whom i don't report to.
Xmas exchange gift from mystery person (but i know who it is) - Body Shop Aeromatheraphy giftset with burner : Cranberry

There are a few other presents like a piggy handphone stand from Stephen & some chocolates from quite a few person. But those are in office so no pictures. and anyway..chocolate....i don't think there's a need for a picture of those....*sweat*

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