Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Love Forecast 2007

In 2007, physical comfort will be a high priority for you. You'll find great pleasure spending time at fitness clubs and enjoying the luxury of massage and bodywork. It's important for you to stay in good shape and feel strong and healthy.

Your strong desire for partnership is clearly emanating from your energy field. You are pleasant, attractive and have a happy-go-lucky nature, which will attract people to you like bees to honey. You'll feel comfortable and secure as you get a positive response from just about everyone you encounter.

You work hard on being generous and take pride in having people like you. Your sexual needs will be fulfilled, and security will come to you when your values and emotions are clearly defined. You prefer an idealistic and philosophical partner with strong values like your own.
At the beginning of the year, that special someone might just be the one as love waltzes into your life when you least expect it. You need someone who loves sensual comforts as much as you do.

By the end of the year, your passion makes you truly believe you have found your right life partner and you may start thinking about settling down, or just becoming more relaxed in your relationship.

You'll enjoy getting to know each other and developing a sustained quality in your passion. You realize how important feeling holistically connected is to developing a lasting relationship.
You need to break through old limitations and boundaries. Your affection can change drastically in the way you express yourself, so let this be the year you learn to share your heart with clarity.

Enthusiastically giving yourself to another is the idealistic part of you who likes to share love. You and your lover are sure to feel like you're in heaven in '07!

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