Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Final Fantasy VII & XII

yeah~~ after such a long wait I finally got my PS2 game Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerebus & Final Fantasy XII english version!!

All thanks to Zhixian who remember me when he went to JB 2 wkends ago~ haha...and the best is he say no need to pay him! haha....but it's cheap anyway....3 games for RM10....so cheap...dunno go where find....

anyway met him up for dinner tonight since i've got nothing to eat at home. and luckily i didn't went to dbl O with him & kc on sat....his gf tagged along that day....haha....if i go...i will be the only girl besides his gf and maybe i will be the one to entertain her that night....just thinking of it makes me shiver....

his gf isn't exactly those friendly types towards his friends....both me & kc don't really like her much....but well..what to do...it's his gf and we r his gd friends...so we can't say anything~

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