Sunday, November 12, 2006


finally an update after so long....

today went shopping with HH again...didn't spend much today....only spent on food & a Hand & Body Lotion from Marks & Spencer. Our journey today starts from CK Tangs to Wisma to Taka to Heeren to Far East & finally to Paragon.....walked a lot...but eat a lot sad that i have no place to work out......TO R: pls ask ur hubby faster~ den i can work out there....T_T

Recently my skin is very i need some body lotion to get my smooth skin back.....T_T
this hand & body lotion smells nice....after trying out almost all the flavours at Marks & Spencer, I finally settled for the WaterLily one...and HH bought a Wild berries room spray & a rose deodorant. we r very happy with our purchase ^.^

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