Sunday, November 26, 2006

Loreal Warehouse Sales & Popular Book Fair

Yesterday I went to Singapore expo with HH and 2 of her friends

There was a Loreal Warehouse Sales & Popular Book Fair going on there and i bought so many things! Very cheap! look at those prices!

8 for $10!

3 for $15!

2 for $20!

2 for $20!

4 for $20!

5 for $20!
After that we went to the Popular Book Fair....thought we could find another great bargain over there but the books were very limited so we didn't managed to grab a lot...just found these 2 books at a good bargain

3 for $15! (HH got the other 2..) This for $5.90!

Soon Wing's Wedding

After the great shopping i got to rush home for Soon Wing's wedding....was very rush coz by the time i finish paying for the books it was 5p.m....den i need an hour to get home from expo but I was meeting Ee Ling @ 6.30p.m at Bukit Batok and I need 15mins to go end up i took a cab home from expo...costs me near $20...T_T but that's ok lah..considering the cabfare that i m saving from the ride i can catch from Ee Ling...

So end up Ee Ling reached earlier than i got to rush down...den finally reach there @ 6.40p.m...but well....guess we still managed to make our way to the hotel on time...

On our way there...i was telling her about my experience with females driver....den i think i get her too tense and stress coz she was so careful not to be 1 of my experience...haha...sorry ger!

Meet alot of ppl at the wedding~ mostly are ex colleagues....and i got to verify with Ada personally that she is pregnant! haha....most ppl are shocked at that coz she is still so young...but guess her husband is quite old already so she need to have a baby now...haha...

got to have a good talk with Pam also...and sad to hear from her that she broke up recently with her bf...i think she rush into the relationship too fast with him. they didn't really get to know each other well before they started so they sort of start suddenly and also ends suddenly
finally got to see Jen too...she is still crazy over KTV with me we managed to arrange for a session after my exam and Pam is up for it too! *happy* to get back to the "Pig Leg" for that day....our dear Soon Wing looks so different! usually he is always cheeky in office but yesterday he looks great! we can't recognise him at all! well i guess most ppl looks very different on their wedding day. and furthermore we realised that his wife got such a GOOD FIGURE! she's tall yet so slim and she got assets! and her night gown is so pretty! and the last dress she worn was a cheongsum and it's soooooooo nice! really really very nice..wait till i get the pics for the wedding i shall post here. saw her a few times in real life but this time really get to see her figure clearly! wow....really amazed by her...haha....

and before going off i managed to caught up with Chiew Mei & Hui Lin! wah...very long no see them also....den finally i get to see Hui Lin's bf...the well known guy which i nv get to see at all after so long....haha....

but the dinner ended very late....almost 11.30p.m den poor Ee Ling got to send me home den back again...feel so bad....we all so tired already but she still send me home den go home herself....thanks ger! i will give u a big treat when i m back to office from leave and by then my new office will be nearer to urs~ love u~

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