Saturday, July 22, 2006

Basic Instinct 2 & Shopping

went to watch basic instinct 2 with HH today! basically the show is very the end of the show, i still doesn't know who is the killer....
the novelist?
the detective?
or the psychologist?
so confusing....den i was telling HH...maybe they r leaving track for part 3....den since part 1 was shown in 1992, part 2 in 2006, den part 3 will be in 2020. hahaha...

den we had sushi @ ichiban today too....sushi!!!! the long awaited food that i have been craving for for months.......finally i get to taste it....
and the sushi there are quite nice...the variety is good...but the other foods are quite ex....overall, i will go back there again i guess...hee...

went shopping after our movie and i think i bought quite a lot of things....haha....i saw this pair of purple heels @ Charles & Keith and i love it at first sight....and recently, purple is my lucky i m trying to get more purple things for myself...haha....and it's just nice that i m in need of a new pair of heels, so it's like one stone killed 2 birds!
also went to sasa to use up my vouchers...had quite a hard time trying to decide what to buy....$20 voucher....den sasa things not very ex lor....but still i manage to use it up. paid $0.70 extra only. haha.

shall rest myself for the day and tml is the day for comics again! hahaha..

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