Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mango Sales

the long awaited mango sales finally started off this morning @ 8a.m. i believe many ppl actually took leave from work to visit mango @ 8a.m in the morning to grab the good stuffs.

of coz...i m not 1 of those mad ppl...haha...but the temptation is so great that i went to the sales straight after work with K. we went to the mango at marina square thinking that it won't be as crowded as is still very very crowded. we have to squeeze our way through the crowd to look through all those racks and to grab hold of the clothes that we wanna look at and hold on to them until we decided not to buy them den throw them just anywhere else with all the other clothes.

K bought total 4 tops...haha...she is a huge mango fan...she actually wanted to take the morning leave to go mango sales...but too bad i don't have that much leave after my exam so we can only go after work.

so i only bought 1 top which i m happy is in such a huge mess that finding 1 top u like is a very great task a 35% discount off this top i bought...hee....m happy with my purchase. it is the color of the top that actually caught my eyes. it was in the midst of black and gray, so it is very outstanding.

so tired now...must go rest and off to work tml again.

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