Monday, June 12, 2006

Inez's Wedding

just came back from Inez's Wedding....a nice dinner today

met up with a lot of ex-colleagues. in fact we just realised that 80% of us on the same table are already in the "alumni club" haha....didn't realise that our gang so many left already until we get to sit down together.

nice and enjoyable night...get to catch up a lot on our recent "happenings" and also getting updated on who are those who will be getting married next. seems like there are a lot of red "bombs" coming soon

but got ppl say i look slimmer le!!! happy~ definitely something to be happy abt...

anyway the spread tonight is good too. here is the menu~

1. Cold dish (Sweet and sour fish, salmon sashimi, salad prawn, chicken & fried egg with shark fin)
2. Shark Fin Soup
3. Silver Cod Fish with Teriyaki Sauce
4. Braised Duck with Chestnut and Mushrooms
5. Yam Ring with Scallops & Celery
6. Prawn with Green Curry
7. Lotus Leaf Rice
8. Honeydew Sago with Vanilla Ice Cream

ahh~~ still so full fact we all agreed that the dishes are quite special. not those that you will usually find at a chinese dinner.

also get to fix the next buffet gathering with my old cubicle mates! 3 out of 4 are present today~ so we have decided that it's been so long since our last gathering so time to arrange for 1 again soon! *happy happy*

busy busy~ also must get them to go ktv also...haha....I MISS KTV!!!!!!!!

soon soon....after my exam must start planning for all the activities

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