Monday, May 1, 2006


finally!!! i bought my OTO trimax today!! hahaha...feeling so happy now...bought is at $328 but i only paid $168 myself..hee...thanks to my colleagues for the $120 vouchers and to hui for sponsoring me another $40 to it...hahaha...den in addition to the OTO Trimax...i got a free massager worth $180 free!! it's a promotion package while stock lasts! happy....feeling so satisfied today...

today went shopping with happy~ long time no shop shop with her le...den in addition to my OTO Trimax, i also bough 3 tops! cheap some more...see pics below for my 收获 for the day! hahaha..

ok...i missed out a lot of posts recently...hee....for example on my birthday, i went to hi-tea at Goodwood Park Hotel...but the hi-tea isn't as fantastic as I thought it will least i enjoyed myself...hee....took a few pics during my bday but that labbit haven't send me got to wait till i get the pics den can upload..

den after that day...ling said that she enjoyed leading a tai tai life too...haha...going for hi-tea den some shopping now we started a "Tai Tai Club" haha..i m the president...den every mth we will go for a hi-tea session at different hotels den shopping spree after that! sounds so nice....and i m sure i will wan to enjoy next session at mariott hotel! all tai tai wanna-be pls look out! hahaha...

oh ya...den i went for my firefly trip! and we did caught 2 fireflies! but we let go of one...coz that firefly is suppose to be a gay...=.="

y is it a gay?

coz the tour guide told us that fireflies that can shine are male...the shines coz they wanna attract the females to mate with firefly that has been labelled as gay is becoz it was attracted into a guy's hair....hahaha...den the tour guide say that firefly must be gay...haha

ok...will upload the trip's photo once i get it from those who took the photos...

and meanwhile while i m updating this blog..i m using my OTO trimax! haha...ok....tell u all once really itch......hahha

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