Monday, April 17, 2006

stupid system

aaaaaaaaaaa....i got a stupid accounting software in office! today the system went mad and my figures in the GL doesn't tie to my figures in the BS & PL. how can that be???????? the system is supposed to take the figures from the BS & PL but how come different?????????

so poor poor juju got to restore the data to the previous backup version and rekey everything!!!!! aaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~ and the worst thing is....this is not a monthly accounts....but....a quarterly accounts.....T_T imagine keying 3 months info.....sob sob

i feel like knocking the wall le...somemore as this is internal system error, we can't bill to client, hence all the time i spent tonight after work cannot charge as labour for the night....sob kelian....den no OT = no taxi claim home = no meal reimbursement

*knock against wall*

anyway i didn't rekey everything today....told my sup i will do it no mood to do now i'm at home mourning over my kelian-ness

shall relax myself now to prepare for the worse tml.....downloaded NANA anime ep 1 & 2 last night...shall go watch them now to relax my brain....


  1. is the anime nice????

    i trying to find time to start on the comics though...

  2. nana anime is nice! u must watch it. ^^