Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pita Ten

weeeee...finally finish watching Pita Ten~~
nice anime abt an angel living together with a demon and etc etc...

long weekend this week..but i guess i didn't do anything much...laze around at home for 2 days already...haha...and i seems to be getting fatter....=.=

had a very busy week coming up! coming wed going to book my firefly trip!!! yeah~~~ den fri & sat are school days..T.T....den sun is my birthday~~~ yeah!!! going hi-tea with kat & ah ling den after that evening gonna meet Hui for dinner and shopping for my present~~ hahahaha

den next next week finally going on my firefly trip~~~~~ hooray!!! long time no go out of singapore le~~~ hahahaha

looking foward to all these activities~~ ^.^

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  1. where are you going for firefly trip???