Sunday, April 9, 2006

Ice Age 2? Shopping?

FINALLY!!!!!!!!! I watched my ice age 2 today~ hee....nice nice~ so funny! i really love Scrat! he's always going after his acorn! haha...and during those movie preview, i spotted 3 more movies that i wanna watched! and the thing is.....they are all cartoon! haha...

so after the movie, there's a shopping spree! yeah~~ so off me & R went to Tangs to look for our cosmetics~ she bought 2 lip conditioner from MAC which are very nice~ the colours are nice & sweet and i think the price is reasonable too. I bought my Estee Lauder Cyber White 2 Way Foundation Powder. Here's the pic!


  1. excited for new purchases rite??? me too!! and I wan more!!!! haha

  2. hee yah lor! but dun have money!