Saturday, April 22, 2006

2nd birthday surprise!

today quite sad....lesson from early in the day i dragged myself to lesson....anyway i was late...haha reached at 2.45p.m

but luckily i went for class...coz i got a big surprise from the fantasy queen! hahaha....she surprised me today with a stalk of sunflower! haha...she say coz tml is my birthday so she give me flowers happy~ first time got ppl give me flower during my birthday. though it's not those wrapped until so pretty de...but it's the thought that happy~ here's a pic of my sunflower~

den halfway through the 2nd class....our labbit sms me and ask me to skip lesson and go have fun with i left class at 7.20p.m during the break time and went to find labbit...but to my surprise.....she tell me she still on her way to meet me...=.= so i waited until 8.20p.m den she reach....=.=

after that we went to shop shop and didn't really buy anything coz most shops are closing already...but i spotted quite a few items that i would love to maybe can see properly den ask hui to buy for me as my bday present since she ask me to think...haha

den we bought nice nice ice cream at $3.90 for 3 flavours! i had tiramisu, mango & yoggi and she had tiramisu, rum & raisin & yoggi. it's nice! and i find that it's quite worth also...

den finally we shared a cab shopping with labbit coz she stay so near me and we can always share cab home at half the normal price! hee....

shall take a good night rest and tml will be a happening day! yeah!~

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