Friday, April 21, 2006

1st birthday celebration

yeah~ today is a happy day~ my colleagues celebrated my birthday in advance for me. and guess wad i received from them? $120 OTO voucher!!!!!! my OTO trimax is coming to me soon! hahahaha.....guess now i can finally have my OTO trimax and dun need to pay so much..hee

here's my voucher!

and birthday card with lots of messages from them!

and then...they bought a strawberry cheesecake from spinelle! it is cheesecake with lots of fresh strawberry on top!!! and it's tasty too!

and to my surprise Jimmy's birthday is only 1 day apart from mine...haha...den we held our birthday celebration together in office today. so as can be expected....lots of noise in office today....hahaha

den later i realise that Jimmy had chipped in for my birthday present but no one inform me of his birthday and i didn't chip in for his i think i will give him a treat instead ba....feel quite bad that I didn't chip in...though not really my fault coz i dunno and no one tell me...hahaha

den today me and kat and ceciline gave each of us a nickname

me - Multi Task Princess
kat - colour blind blur labbit
ceciline - Fantasy Queen

haha....i m the multi task princess coz of my ability to be busy at work and yet replied our chit chatting emails at ultimate speed! den kat is colour blind blur labbit coz she cannot differentiate pink colour and purple color...den she always blur blur and look like rabbit....but coz rabbit sounds so common so i decided to call her labbit instead....den ceciline got her title of fantasy queen coz of her hobby....and that in the fantasy world....hahaha...think we 3 sot sot le

anyway still got lots of appointments up and coming! at least 3 or 4 more updates on my birthday celebration with others coming! hahaha...busy woman is like that de....even my parents ask me go eat birthday dinner also must fix to my schedule...haha...den i was telling my mama that if i get a fee for attending all my appointment...i guess i will be very rich le....haha time le...tml still got lesson from 2 - sad right? but i'm in a high mood today so don't really get the sadness much...haha

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