Friday, October 28, 2005

Hana Yori Dango 花より男子

omg omg! last night i found out that 花より男子 actually has a latest jap drama!!!!!! aaaahhhh~~~ and i have successfully downloaded the first ep & watched it! it's great! after u watch the jap version....u will be more convinced that the taiwan version sux!! hahaha

The role of Domyoji Tsukasa (道明寺 司) is acted by Matsumoto Jun (松本潤) of Arashi! AAHHH.....he is definitely much more handsome than that Jerry Yan~~ And my favourite character in 花より男子, Hanazawa Rui (花沢 類) is acted by Oguri Shun (小栗旬). I find that he not bad also...haha....den just now searchign through jdorama den realised that he acted in Summer Snow before...hmmm....but no impression of him though...oh yah...Makino Tsukushi (牧野 つくし) is acted by a girl call Inoue Mao (井上真央). She is quite new though....this is only her 2nd drama....not very pretty....but from certain angle...she looks not bad....

den in the ending theme, i sort of catch a glimpse of Matsushima Nanako! so not sure whether did she acted in it or not....coz can't find her name no the cast list.

This drama only first started showing in Japan on 21st October meaning so far only first ep is out yet....i will keep a close eye on the following eps! hahahaha...1 wk 1 ep....hee

another show that i m watchign is 眞命天女. The casts are S.H.E.~~~~ Hebe~~~~~ hahaha....watched 3 eps already...currently downloading ep 4 - end. hee...hopefully the downloads runs faster....can't wait to watch the rest....

This show quite nice my favourite Hebe ma~~ haha....but overall nice nice~ worth watching....the songs inside are nice too.

ahh~~ must go see got wad other nice shows to download....

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