Saturday, September 24, 2005

freedom at last!


i m finally enjoying my freedom!! no more working in PwC!!! yeah!~~~ nothing is more happy than that.

for the next 3 wks, i guess i will be slacking away at home....everyday gaming time! next week already arranged to have lunch/dinner with JT & pam & tues is hui's birthday so will be going out with her. charles says he wanna come crash our outing...guess he will be bringing a cake & flowers for hui...hahaha...and to think hui thought he no longer care that much abt her le....hahaha.....still can't decide whether he is a good guy or not...since i dunno him that well afterall...only chatted a few times...afterall it's up to hui whether she like him or not....haha

me now more n more gian over ps2 le~ coz play ro also play until sian le...i guess i wanna take a break from ro first.....recently play until sian le...take a break play other games a bit hooked to maple quite a few ppl also playing i can still get some benefits inside~ but must do more research on maple....coz still very noob inside ^.^

later must go library return my novels....borrow under hui's name...den yesterday due le....and i forgot to go return....hahaha....later go return

ok i shall go back to my ro or maple or dvd or novels leh?? ahhhhh so many things to do~ hahahaha

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