Wednesday, July 6, 2005


me still recuperating from the shock zx gives me....this afternoon we had the following conversation:

zx: any news flew to ur side already
me: wad news?
zx: haha tats gd
me: *poke poke* tell me
zx: haha u got read today?
me: nope. me 2 days mc at home dying liaoz. where got brain read newspaper.

*no reply from him for 5 mins*

me: oei. tell me leh
zx: ya ya
me: got news must share
zx: oh nothing lah... juz tat i won a lucky draw lor. dbs e banking.
me: oo. money or gifts?
zx: money
me: how much?
zx: 100k
me: ....
zx: published on the papers
me: really or not
zx: tats y todae walk to where also got ppl ask
me: really 100k or not
zx: u go

*i got to the web and click on today's today*

zx: page 8. got?

*after a moment of shock on my side*

me: wah lao eh! i wan treat~~~
zx: can ah... mac?
me: ...i wan big treat
zx: ok lor.. big mac?
me: ...............
me: y i everyday ibank nv win u win ah
zx: eh... dunno... maybe i lucky lor
me: i going library le..tml go back office den tell u wad i wan eat. i wan big treat this time
zx: eh... big mac?
me: not big mac. i go think den tml tell u

and off i go...and me now still in deep shock...haven't come out of it yet...100k leh~ y not me? y him?

den just now kc tell me zx tell him that he is going to japan instead of bangkok with his gf le....sob sob...i also wan go~ japan~~ nippon~~

so i told kc tml i go ask zx marry me den next day divorce him den i can get 50k *evil grinz* but zx sure say i siao den ignore me one...

dun care....this time must get a big treat from him. so me n kc dicussed what we want for our treat:

me: come we ask him treat us to hyatt eat buffet
kc: got more ex one??? hahahaha
me: hyatt very ex leh!
kc: we muz have the best!!! lol
me: 1 person 60+? or 80+ if u want champagne
kc: ooo
me: den u can sit there eat whole day long. all types of cuisine is available
kc: wah
me: so we must take the one with champagne one
kc: yaya. then can ta bao. wahahaha.
me: ok set! tml tell him we want hyatt hotel buffet
kc: ...................u tell him bah.
me: leave it to me~ hahaha
kc: ask him book the whole place lah. then invite whole company can liao.
me: hahahaha

so after my conversation with kc, my msn nick change to :[:[Juliet:[:[ {mr & kc want a treat to hyatt hotel buffet!} (censored his full name for privacy purpose...hahah)

so hopefully i'll get my treat~ *pray hard*

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