Monday, June 27, 2005

nothing to do

nothing to do at home so post so pics that i had over the last weekend....(of coz not the one which i'm suffering from the bananas...)

well...i actually had mahjong session at lianming house with alan & weisian at 11a.m haha...well...won a bit that day....and we were like having mahjong all the way till 6p.m with only short break for toilet session in lunch no tea power

after that i meet hui hui at tcc @ boat quay and had dinner and a chit chat session...supposedly i have to meet teck and gang @ 8p.m @ raffles place mrt station because we are having a gathering session @ eski bar since teck just returned from a 3 wks taiwan ended up that stan fly us aeroplane...cry got lots of excuses to say she can't come (but me n teck both think she not happy that's y nv come coz the day before we 2 just told her off regarding her attitude)...den ber say go help ppl shift house until 11p.m still haven't finish shifting -.-"

so in the first place...hui says she dun mind joining us go eski bar...but she doesn't know i say it's ok...end up...that group all nv become me n hui den teck join us haha...what a relief that i meet hui instead of them first....if not 1 sat burnt by ppl flying me aeroplane

so ended up became me, hui & teck 3 go eski bar...actually that was our first visit there so we 3 blur blur one go in...inside actually is more of a place for pubbing and not dance sorry to those who wanna have those loud music and shake ur head was quite crowded when we went in...the bar counter at the entrance is actually made of ice...real ice....a whole block of it....and it's not u can imagine how cold it is inside...we can see those smoke coming out of our mouth when we we can't find any of those table & cushion seats so we have to stick to the bar counter....(the 2nd bar counter isn't made of ice) the cocktail there are at qutie reasonable price...$15 each...they have quite a lot of special cocktails...i guess we did enjoyed the atmosphere but not the seat...the bar counter seat is too stiffs and nothing for us to lean against and the place is very crowded as the night comes...and then...ppl keep knocking into u if u r at the bar counter not very comfortable u know?

so at 12a.m+ we decided to leave and find some other nicer place or maybe a supper ended up we reached fullerton hotel and start to nuah at the sofas at the main feels so good to be sitting on those sofas after a stiff seat at eski bar....and we nuah there until around 2a.m or was it 3a.m? den the hotel ppl come say the section is close and we have to leave

so i ended up leaving and den we went home...hahaha

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