Sunday, May 15, 2005

My Birthday Post

A bit late lah....but just wanna make a post to thanks those who gave me presents + celebrate with me~

Celebration number 1 on 21/4/2005
At the vienna's seafood buffet restaurant with mama, papa & my 2 sis. of coz..this meal is paid by papa...each person about $30+. Got fresh oyster there~~ den lots and lots of nice food. and some more...u get 1 glass of fruit juice free...not coke or lemon tea but real fuit juice!

no pic for this event...coz all on papa's hp...T.T

Celebration number 2 on 22/4/2005
At my office's pantry with my colleagues....lots of ppl was there...can't remember who was there...but thanks to hsien yew, woon cheng & mei ing who went to buy the cake for me. My favourite cake wor~ Angie the Choice's Strawberry Cake~ Nice nice wor~

no pic for this event too...coz no one got camera...T.T...joys wasn't there....she is our office camera girl...

Celebration number 3 on 23/4/2005 (Yeah!!)
Had dim sum at dragongate with Teck, Tai, Ber, Stanley & Cry...nice nice dim sum~~ had a great time there....lots of jokes and chit-chatting...finally this one got pics...thanks to cry who always bring her camera around (like teck says...we won't scared no photo for our funeral one
day...coz cry has lots of them with her...haha)

tai engross in the menu... Posted by Hello

ber busy eating... Posted by Hello

stanley & cry Posted by Hello

me & cry~ Posted by Hello

me with cry's big sunglass... Posted by Hello

my gang~ Posted by Hello

next we were on our way to ktv at orchard party world....

stanley, ber & teck on northeast line mrt~ Posted by Hello

tai, cry & me on northeast line mrt~ Posted by Hello

finally at the cake appears...those who can't read the words on the cake...don't ask me what it means..

shuling & cry @ ktvPosted by Hello

my cake... Posted by Hello

den we had bk at raffles city...that's where we meet up with ann...but..not a pleasant meeting...coz she basically pissed everyone off the moment she met up with us by suaning and criticizing we did manage to shake her off our group by saying let's all go home....but we didn't....we met up somewhere else again (hope she won't see this....)

group photo @ raffles city Posted by Hello

after that...we went to paulaner @ millenia walk...a nice nice place with live band...and it became our gathering place every 2 wks~

Present section
now now this is the present giving naming rights to those who gave me present...haha...

Present from Jac No. 1 - A pink knitted turtleneck top~ Posted by Hello

Present from Jac No. 2 - A brown knitted turtleneck top~ Posted by Hello

Present from Jac No. 3 -Beware of the dog sign~ Posted by Hello

Present from Jac No. 4 is in my can't take pic of it now..haha

Present from Mama - An OP pink bag~ Posted by Hello

Present from Papa - A 0.21 carat diamond ring~ the most expensive present of all~~~ Posted by Hello

Present from Hui Hui - A blue knitted top~ Posted by Hello

Present from Katrina - A pair of ribbon earring~ this pic cannot see properly...but it is actually a ribbon earring with a purple stone in the middle and white stones at the side...nice nice.... Posted by Hello

Last but not own present to myself!!! Posted by Hello

finally...that's all that happens for my birthday this year~~ haha

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