Saturday, May 28, 2005

lazy lazy

so lazy recently..nv update blog again haha

i'm so fed up with singnet! these few days i everyday working ot in life..nothing...den yesterday is i decided that i shall not work ot..and spend 1 night in ro...but wtf...cannot connect to the game!!!! i checked the ro forum and found out that all players using singnet can't log i called up singnet helpdesk and screamed at they say will check and call me back...but till now 24 hrs liaoz still no reply....-.-" stupid stupid....

anyway...i was telling KC that maybe they let me can't connect now so that i can concentrate on my exams maybe that is telling me i should go do some studying..haha..anyway..not to waste my ro credit...i got sw out to help me bot...haha...he also helping KC to bot...coz no bot = no zeny haha....can't afford to lugi so many days...

today weird n jac really "too" xing you ling xi...i say i noon diarhoea..den she say she also ...den i say i finished my dinner liaoz...she say she going to eat kfc for dinner...and...i happens to have kfc for dinner today also....-.-" dunno should feel scary or similar -.-"

oh yah...yesterday went pasar malam and picked up some cheap stuffs...see see!

pooh 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle @ $2.90 only~ Posted by Hello

precious moments 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle @ $2.90 only~ my favourite print! Posted by Hello

wrappers @ 10 cents each only! see see! got pooh...snoopy & precious moments! Posted by Hello

Stickers @ 10 cents each also! Posted by Hello

k update quite a bit le...haha...i go find something to do le *float away*

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