Saturday, October 25, 2014

30 Days Challenge

Alright! I found this interesting 30 days challenge on my friend's facebook and decided to give it a go. 

I'll keep track of my daily progress in just one post so that it is easier for me to refer back to the chart.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Innisfree 51 살랑살랑 핑크

This is really a very pretty coral pink creme polish. However the innisfree brush are not really compatible with their creme polishes as it always leave a very streaky layer on my nails. Luckily this can be easily resolved with an even layer of top coat over it. This color actually reminds me of the OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today. I know I have a bottle of the latter somewhere in my helmer. Let me go dig it up and do a comparison post.

Innisfree 74 향기로운 라일락 축제

This is 3 coats on its own with no undies and it is so much prettier in reality! My camera is doing no justice to this beautiful purple glitter polish. There are actually tiny bar pieces in this one and it actually reminds me if China Glaze Marry a Millionaire. Too bad I just destash that one and can't do a comparison now.

Etude House ~ #225 청포도 요거트 스무디

Now, this is a polish that I wouldn't have picked it up myself. Thanks to a friend of mine who chosed this for me because she knew me so well that I wouldn't have a bottle of this in my huge stash. 

I am honestly impressed by the Etude House texture play collection. It is amazing! This mint polish with blue and orange glitters in it is so comfortable to look at.

Etude House ~ #126 페어픽셀

Etude House #126 페어픽셀 is a very pretty glitter in clear polish! It is mainly made up of iridescent silver & pink micro glitters.